Vesey Cemetery

Vesey Cemetery is in Plain Township on SR #38 about 5 miles from the Bloomingburg Cemetery.  It is North of Bloomingburg, on the east side of the road, quite a distance from the road, but visible from the road.  There is no sign posted, and is accessible by a grassy country lane, probably a farmers access lane.
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?, Sarah Elizabeth

BLESSING, Martha Vesey wife of A. W. Blessing 1851-1892

EASTMAN, Ann, wife of D.C. Eastman, died Aug 3, 1891, 79y3m7d

EASTMAN, Ezekiel French,died Sept 1, 1867, 73y 9m 4d

EASTMAN, Joseph,, died Jan 20, 1867, 29y

EASTMAN, Nan, died Jan 5, 1872, 27y

EVANS, Annie Varsey, wife of L. L. Evans 1854-1899


FUNK, Nancy Ann Moore, wife of Adam Funk, born before 1769 died Dec 21, 1821
daughter Sarah Funk Stubblefield, wife of Robert Stubblefield, born April 11, 1796 died Dec 13, 1821, married April 14, 1814

GOOCH, John, May 10, 1838 - Aug 21, 1900

HAYMAKER, Susannah, wife of J.W. Haymaker died Nov 23, 1851 age 19y9m23d

MOORE, Anthony, died Sept 10, 1886, 99y 6m
Mary Moore, his wife died May 2, 1863, 70y

MOORE, Charles W., 1850-1934
Charlotte R. Moore, 1856-1927

MOORE, Phillip, died April 15, 1831, 64y
Catherine his wife died April 30, 1848, 78y

PEACOCK, John, died Jan 26, 1889; 74y 6m 6d

ROEBUCK, Hugh, Nov 24, 1863, 64y 6m 29d — Difficult to read

ROEBUCK, Nancy, daughter of H. & L. Rosebuck, died Jan 7, 1868; 32y 11m 11d

VESEY, Gideon, died Aug 27, 1862; 82y 2m 11d
Mary his wife died Feb 4, 1857; 77y 26d


VESEY, Nathaniel, 1817--1900
Elizabeth B. Vesey w/o Nathaniel 1814--1879

WAPLES, Annie, wife of William Waples, died July 11, 1891; 38y 11m 21d

WAPLES, Burton, born Aug 29, 1819 died Dec 1, 1894

WAPLES, John P., son of J. & I.C. Waples, died Sept 22, 1861; 8y 5m 25d — hard to read

WAPLES, Mary G., daughter of B & E Waples, died Sept 22, 1861 14y2m7d

WILLIAM, Susan, wife of Joseph, died Aug 30,1848; 78y

WILSON, Mary A. — d/o J.C. & R.V. Wilson, died Dec 2, 1871; 11y 2m 6d

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